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“You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.”

Cicely Saunders

During our time together, these are ways I can be of service as needed in person and virtually:

  • Open-hearted listening so the patient and family feel heard, understood and unjudged
  • Companionship and coaching to the patient and their loved ones
  • Support with difficult family dynamics so a deeper love, understanding and peace can evolve
  • Moving with you through each stage of the grief process before death
  • Personal guided imagery for greater peace during more difficult moments
  • Help with end-of-life documents such as health proxy and advanced directive
  • Vigil planning for the last 24-48 hours of life so those final precious hours are honored as desired
  • Help with bereavement services and eulogy writing
  • Emotional grief support for loved ones after their beloved has transitioned
“To be understood as you are,
releasing life’s superficiality, you find yourself coming home
to rest in your soul with peace in your heart being comforted
by the soul of another.”

John O’Donohue

Free Consultation

This work can create such an intimate relationship between the Doula and the dying person along with their loved ones, that it is important to make sure we’re a right fit for each other.

Reach out to me at

or on my Contact page.

During our initial FREE 1-hour consultation we will explore your needs and make sure a strong comfort level is felt to move forward and journey through your most intense and intimate moments together.