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“Your end of life deserves as much beauty, care, and respect as the beginning.”

Peace and support through your end-of-life transition

Are you —

  • Wanting a deeply supportive dying experience

  • Looking to turn anxiety into a state of inner calm

  • Wanting your values, needs and wishes honored

  • Wanting to be treated with dignity, respect and without judgment

  • Needing extra support for your loved ones

Then it’s time to take a reassuring breath and know, as an End-of-Life-Doula, I can help you with all of this.

What is an End-of-Life Doula

An end-of-life doula, also known as a Death Doula, is a non-medical companion who is trained to care for the dying and their loved ones mentally, emotionally, spiritually, including education and pre-planning practicalities. A Doula’s desire is to make sure the dying and their loved ones attain as peaceful and meaningful end-of-life experience as possible.

End-of-Life as a Sacred Time

The end-of-life is a sacred and natural part of life and deserves to be revered with grace, dignity and love. As you face the end of your life, remember, you are a whole person and deserve to be treated as such. My time with you is to create that environment while walking side-by-side through the transition experience.

I am here to guide you and your loved ones from

  • Uncertainty to clarity

  • Anxiousness to calm

  • Fear to courage

  • Distress to peace

I am here to listen to you without judgment, and see that your needs and wishes are acknowledged and honored.

In the end, death and dying is a human experience that comes with extraordinary opportunities.

As Dr. Ira Byock beautifully stated:

“Dying represents more than a set of problems to be solved. It represents an extraordinary opportunity…an opportunity for review, for restitution, for amends, for exploration, for development, for insight. In short, it is an opportunity for growth.”

Free Consultation

This work can create such an intimate relationship between the Doula and the dying person along with their loved ones, that it is important to make sure we’re a right fit for each other.

Reach out to me at

or on my Contact page.

During our initial FREE 1-hour consultation we will explore your needs and make sure a strong comfort level is felt to move forward and journey through your most intense and intimate moments together.